DaraPhoto-thumbnailOften, when I tell someone that part of what I can help them with is writing a book, they look at me like I just asked them to climb Mt. Everest.

But here’s what you have to understand; it’s not about the book. It’s about understanding how to engage the creative process that lays the foundation for all of your inspired ideas.

It’s about being able to implement your creativity in ALL areas of your life whether for new business ideas, more free time, or even writing a book.

For over fourteen years, I’ve been designing and facilitating transformational workshops and retreats. I work with ambitious clients in many fields bringing them the structure, accountability and support they need to access their most innovative ideas and attain their long-term creative goals – whether that means a developing a blogging presence, writing a series of expert articles, personal essays, short stories or….writing a book!

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